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Creating Rich Interiors With Neutrals

Without a doubt, more than any other aesthetic, people are lusting over rich interior spaces in neutral tones. What is there not to love? These neutral earthy spaces evoke feelings of calm and tranquility in an uber sophisticated setting. In short, you’ll feel like a grounded yogi with a touch of bougie.

Now, how exactly do you create a beautiful space that incorporates a neutral color palette? We’ve narrowed down our top six ways to create and elevate your neutral-toned space:

1. Mix Textures and Materials

When working with neutrals, it is important to have a variety of materials and textures within a space. Select furnishings, window treatments and accessories in different materials. Pair a linen sofa with rattan accent chairs. Add a wool rug, velvet throw pillows and cotton drapes. These can all be in the same neutral color family but the layers of different materials will create a lush space.

Design Source: Amber Interiors

2. Play with Tone-on-Tone

Did you know there are various shades of white? All colors, including white, come in warm, cool and neutral tones. Using a variety of tones of the same color will add subtle contrast in your space. This play on tones mimics the subtle variations found in nature (wood!). We’re imagining a crisp white decorative bowl against white oak. Contrast isn’t just for bold colors!

Design Source: Albion Nord

3. Use Natural Elements

Rich materials are your best friend. By rich materials, we mean real materials found in Mother Nature. This is especially important in neutral-toned spaces. Add items that showcase materials like wood, concrete, and metals. These materials create density and depth, keeping spaces from falling flat. You can select a wood coffee table that displays the natural grain, and style it with brass candle holders and a concrete vase. Extra touch: add a plant or other greenery!

Design Source: Brian Paquette Interiors

4. Add Some Pop

We don’t mean glitter. A great way to add a subtle pop is to mix in metals. Add some brass in a statement vase or use polished metal in a furniture piece. One takeaway here: be sure not to go overboard. The point is to add a hint of shine. The majority of the space should remain matte and earthy.

5. Mix Cool + Warm

We love adding some contrast between colors and materials. This keeps spaces interesting and dynamic. Mixing cool and warm tones can add complexity which will elevate a neutral space. If your space is primarily warm-toned, add some cool-toned gray or concrete accessories. If your space is feeling cool, add some warmth with wood or brass.

Design Source: NGO Design

6. A Hint of [Neutral] Color

Green is the new neutral. You heard us! We wholeheartedly believe that the right shade of green can absolutely be a neutral color. So can blue, black and dare we say…red. The important factor is selecting the right shade of color. Muted shades of these colors can easily blend into a neutral-toned space. They add a little drama without screaming “color.” Incorporate a hint of color in a small way, such as in an accent chair or throw pillows.

Design Source: BowerBird Interiors

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